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Alcoholism remains a serious medical illness and a cause of morbidity and death in our community. Once
established, alcohol dependence is basically a brain disorder. It is preventable and treatable. Neurobiological
research has identified medication strategies to treat this condition and minimize suffering.

There are now medicines available to work on the Brain’s nerve pathways to alter the rewarding effects of
alcohol and provide treatment. Medication involvement, together with Psychological Therapy dramatically
improves the clinical outcome in treatment.

We provide evidence-based treatments for Addiction, using Tele-Medicine.

Affordable with Costs a fraction of expensive rehabilitation programs.

Detoxification from Alcohol is not required.

Our Therapy and Care is Individual and Private.

Your visits can take place from the comfort and privacy of your own home using Tele-Medicine.

Proven methods, researched with thousands of patients successfully treated world-wide.

To arrange an appointment go to our Services page to find out “What to do” then go to Contact Us.
Delivering Effective Non-Abstinence Treatment For Addiction
Consulting Australia-wide with Tele-Medicine