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Dr. Andris Kalnins is a Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist with over 35 years’ experience in treating
patients with a wide range of Mental Health problems. He has extensive experience in treating patients with
Alcohol and Drug Addiction problems. He has worked in various Hospitals and Clinics all over Australia. As
a result of seeing the frequent despair and frustration of patients presenting with relapse he has taken a
keen interest in the use of the Sinclair Method model of treatment.

He currently is also actively involved in Rural and Remote Consulting work, both by Tele-Medicine and as a
visiting Consultant to various health Services, particularly the Kimberly area of WA.

He is an avid supporter of the use of Tele-Medicine as a method of delivery of Mental Health Services in
Australia and was one of the pioneers of using Video-Conferencing for Psychiatric services in this country.

Mary McHugh may be the first person you deal with when contacting us. As well as Practice Manager she
is a wonderful teacher of Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness. Formerly a Drama Teacher she was able
to bring classes of raucous Adolescents to a calm and relaxed state. Our patients frequently comment on
her soothing voice. Mary’s Meditation Downloads are available to patients as part of their treatment.

In addition to our work, she reads the Newspapers to the vision impaired on Vision Australia Radio.

When not consulting, to enhance a creative side, Andris and Mary are both Jewellery Designers,
Gemmologists and Andris is a Gemstone Carver. Their work can be seen on our sister site Fire In Ice
currently being refurbished.
Consulting Australia-wide with Tele-Medicine