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Naltrexone for Drug Dependence

I am currently in France having attended an interesting conference on Neuropsychopharmacology. Of particular interest to me was the work on Melatonin receptors and the use of Melatonin on sleep disorders. I have been interested in this area for some time and have arranged a compounding pharmacy in Australia to make higher dose (and much cheaper) Melatonin for current patients.The work in this area is of interest considering the continuing problems of Dependence and Habituation with standard "sleeping tablets".

I have continuing requests for naltrexone use in alcohol dependence, including while I am away, I have tried to reply to everyone, if I have missed you please send an email again and I will respond. I will endeavour to catch up with appointments when I am back in Australia.

Given the positive results I have seen with Naltrexone and alcohol dependence I would like to assess if the same benefits occur in other dependency, particularly Methamphetamine. If you are having problems in this area and are motivated to cease Meth, send me an email and I would be happy to do an assessment to determine if I can help.

Naltrexone for Alcohol Dependence.

I am concerned that some local Doctors and GP's are unaware of the correct method for the use of Naltrexone in Alcohol Dependency Treatment. I have also noted some Psychiatrists are unfamiliar with the rationale and in fact are giving patients incorrect advice. Then, when I've read some of the published "Guidelines" they are frankly misleading. This confuses patients in how to take the medication so that it helps them correctly.

Naltrexone blocks the "pleasure centres" of the brain. So, it's not rocket science as to how it should be used. Alcohol stimulates the Endorphin pleasure effects in the brain, So, taking Naltrexone before any alcohol is consumed blocks the pleasurable effect and hence positive reinforcement from drinking alcohol. If you don't drink there is no point taking it and in fact it may have negative effects. (Which I can go through with you).

I now treat many patients successfully with Naltrexone, when done correctly the results are very positive, satisfying for me and exciting for patients. However, there are issues that need to be taken into account and there are risks you need to be aware of. There is also a pattern of use that we follow to get maximum benefit. For that reason your treatment MUST be supervised by a practitioner aware of the correct use of the medication.

If you would like a consult to talk about your Alcohol use, email me and we can set up an appointment. I am happy to discuss your situation. If you live in a rural area of Australia, obtain a GP referral and your Consult will be bulk billed and cost you nothing as you are "Tele-Health eligible". In a Metro area I can still see you for consults but there will be a cost (many patients find this is offset by the reduced amount they spend on Alcohol!). Email for info. If you live outside of Australia I am happy to discuss the methods and your problem, there will be a cost but it will not be a "Medical consult" (and I cannot prescribe for you but can direct you to resources to obtain someone in your own country.)

Who is Tele-Health Eligible?

What is meant by "Telehealth Eligible"? Basically if you live outside major Metropolitan centres you are eligible. So what does this mean? You will obtain a Medicare rebate for your Consultation with me provided you have a referral from a General Praactitioner. (Contact us if you do not have a regular GP). As a result your consult will be bulk billed with NO cost to you.

This is the result of a Government incentive - and I'm constsntly surprised how few Doctors know about it, even country and rural GPs. I guess it hasn't been advertised much. It was started to allow patients who live in isolated areas to have access to Specialist services via on line methods to save long distance travel to cities.

In addition, if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or a Resident of an Aged Care facility (even in the major cities) you are eligible. Also ALL of Tasmania is considered eligible.

If you are unsure and would like to check eligibility just email us with your address and we will let you know.

So, what if you are not eligible. Well you can still consult with me but you won't be able to claim a Medicare rebate. However we have a fee structure that is very reasonable. In the end you may even be paying less in fees, gaps, travel costs etc that you would travelling to a Psychiatrist's rooms and seeing them in person. Added to this is the advantage of speaking with me from the comfort of your own home or the secure environment of your own GP's Surgery.

If you have any question about this at all just email us and we will help you through the process.

Consulting Australia-wide with Tele-Medicine