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Tele-Health Consults

Using video conferencing, usually via Skype, for your appointment. This functions in the same way as you would attend a specialist Consultant Psychiatrist in his or her consulting rooms.

We assess your condition, taking an extensive initial history and then discuss a detailed management plan with you. A letter is sent back to your local doctor with a management plan and either your own doctor continues your treatment, or we arrange follow-up appointments for your further management.

Since the introduction of Tele-psychiatry into Australia several years ago, the process has proved to be extremely successful with a high level of response from patients. We are passionate and excited about this service. Having worked in rural and remote areas throughout Australia, we have seen first-hand the difficulties patients in those regions have had in travelling to the capital cities for an appointment, which is often booked months in advance.

Medicare incentives introduced by the Australian Government now enable “Tele-Health eligible” patients to obtain generous financial rebates for appointments.

Making an appointment:

Obtain a referral letter from your GP.
Use our contact
tab and send your name, telephone number, email and Medicare number to us.

We will then arrange a suitable time with you.

Tele-Health Eligibility.

You are eligible if you live either:

Outside a major Australian Metropolitan capital.
In Tasmania.
In a Residential Aged-care Facility.
Or are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Tele-Health Eligible patients obtain a generous Medicare Rebate - in some cases consultations are entirely bulk billed.

For GP’s

A referral can be either emailed or posted to us and we can arrange a suitable consultation time for your patient. 

Some surgeries have the facilities for Skype consultation from their rooms and we can provide immediate feedback to the doctor.
Tele Health
Tele health Consults
Forensic and Medico-Legal Assessment
Alcohol Dependency Treatment using the Sinclair Method
Meditation and Self Hypnosis Training
Forensic and Medico-legal Assessment.

Video link is increasingly accepted by the courts and can be an efficient method of assessment for court reports.

We have extensive experience with Forensic and Medico-Legal Assessment and Reporting. We have provided assessments and reports for solicitors, Government Departments and large Corporations in every State and Territory of Australia. Contact us for further details.
Alcohol Dependency Treatment using the Sinclair Method.

This method of treating Alcohol Dependency was developed by Dr David Sinclair and has been used extensively as an adjunct to treatment for alcohol dependency in Finland (interestingly the country with the World’s highest rate of alcoholism). This treatment uses the prescription of Naltrexone together with counseling to induce a reduction in the brain’s “pleasure effect” from drinking alcohol. Research studies show this causes a pharmacological extinction of the pleasurable effects of alcohol with a resulting desire for drinking.

We will assess you for suitability for this treatment method. If we consider it clinically appropriate for you we undertake a series of follow up appointments to monitor your progress, alcohol craving and drinking behavior. Contact us for details and costs.
Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis training.

We have many years of experience teaching stillness meditation, mindfulness techniques and self-hypnosis to patients suffering trauma, severe anxiety, cancer and chronic pain.

Meditation is not “rocket science” but it is a different way of dealing with life, our emotions and stressors that many of us are not familiar with. We help guide you with a program you can practice from the comfort of your own home. We have a series of downloads available for you to then practice further on your own. Please contact us and we can help you.
Mental Health Care Using Tele Psychiatry
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Tele-Health Consultants, Forensic and Medico-Legal Assessment, Alcohol Dependancy Treatment, Meditation and Self Hypnosis Training

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