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What we do:

Consultation is arranged using Tele-Medicine, utilizing your Computer, Laptop, Smart phone or Tablet.

This functions in the same way as you would attend a Specialist Doctor in his or her Consulting Rooms.

There are advantages.

          - You see us from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
          - No travelling for appointments.
          - Support of family of friends can be close by if you need it.

How It Works:

We do an Initial Assessment which takes about an hour. An extensive initial history is taken. We check your
suitability for treatment. We then go through a management plan with you.

If you are suited to a medical management treatment plan we discuss this with you and begin the Treatment.

We arrange follow-up appointments with you. To ensure safety in prescribing we can only prescribe repeat
medications following a review appointment.

In addition to Medication we undertake Addiction Counselling, Therapy and instruction in coping and
Mindfulness techniques.

We send a report to your GP advising of your treatment in order to involve them in your case as much as

Is a Doctor’s Referral needed?

We wish to work in collaboration with your own Doctor. For this reason we appreciate a referral letter from the
Surgery. We can then send back a Report detailing a Management Plan. Referrals can be emailed or posted to


Cost of Treatment will vary depending on what part of Australia you reside in.

If you live outside of the major Metropolitan areas you may be what is termed by the Government “Tele-health
Eligible”. If this is the case your treatment will be completely Bulk Billed.

If you live in a major city unfortunately at this stage Medicare rebates are not yet available (we are hoping this will
change so that all patients have access to this Technology for their treatment). However, you will find the costs of
our treatment are far less than expensive Rehabilitation programs requiring long periods of admission to

The Sinclair Method:

Many of our referrals come from patients who have already read about the work of the late Dr. David Sinclair.
The C3 Foundation website is a very useful resource. It provides reading material, videos and information about
the latest research. In addition there are on-line chat and support networks for patients.

The Sinclair method does NOT rely on abstinence. The Method uses the prescription of medication to block the
“pleasure effects” in the brain to alcohol. Research shows this leads to a pharmacological extinction of the
pleasurable effects of alcohol with a reduced desire to drink.

This treatment method has been researched and used extensively world-wide. Particularly in many European
countries where it is the primary method of Treatment for Alcohol Dependency (such as in Finland). Unfortunately
we find its understanding and use in Australia is still poor. We try to educate Doctors and Alcohol and Drug
Services as much as we can.

What To Do Now:

Use the Contact tab to send us your name, telephone number, address and Medicare number.

If you have a Doctor’s referral send that to us (scanned and emailed or posted).

We will then contact you and do the rest.
Consulting Australia-wide with Tele-Medicine