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We can help you with a wide range of conditions including (but not limited to):

We also provide guidance with stillness meditation, mindfulness and self-hypnosis using Tele-health.

We offer one-off assessments to help your own doctor manage your condition or provide second opinions. Our services also include ongoing management and counselling. We can also meet with family members to assist them in supporting your care.

Psychiatry and psychological medicine consultation online over the internet is of particular benefit to people living in remote regions, or people who find difficulty travelling to appointments such as the elderly.

To arrange an appointment - please click on our "services" tab at the top. If you are a GP interested in referring a patient or wish to learn more about our services please either click the above “services” tab or email us.
Welcome to our website. We provide mental health Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine consulting services online, using Tele-health (Tele-medicine) and video conferencing. This enables patients and their families to consult with a Specialist Psychiatrist from the comfort and ease of their own home, or in the secure and familiar environment of their own doctor’s surgery.
Delivering high standards of mental health care using Tele Psychiatry
Post-Traumatic Stress
Anxiety Disorders
Panic Attacks
Bipolar Disorders
Chronic Pain
Alcohol Dependency
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Mental Health Care Using Tele Psychiatry
Consulting Australia-wide with Tele-Health